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15th June 2016

Why we’re proud to support Carers’ Week

Carers do an amazing – and widely overlooked – job, so we’re delighted that Carers’ Week 2016 has put the spotlight on building Carer Friendly Communities.

With an aging population, it’s not surprising that there are more people than ever acting as an unpaid carer for a loved one.  But the figures are still staggering:

6.5 million people across the UK care for a relative, friend or neighbour

3 in 5 of us are now expected to be a carer at some stage in our lifetime

There are more than twice as many carers aged over 85 now as there were a decade ago

Being a carer can have far-reaching consequences.  Research by the organisations behind Carers Week 2016 has found that:

3 in 4 carers don’t feel their caring role is understood or valued by the community

51% of carers let a health problem go untreated

31% of carers say they only seek medical help if it’s an emergency

72% of carers give up work or reduce their hours to meet their care responsibilities

55% of carers say they struggle financially

Significantly, these figures are all better in areas that have established Carer Friendly Communities.  These are places “where carers feel supported to look after family or friends and are recognised as individuals with needs of their own”.  In these areas, charities, local councils and health bodies work together to create effective support for carers.  They also look to influence other organisations, such as employers, encouraging them to introduce carer friendly policies.

Carers’ Week has published a helpful booklet with 10 top tips to help carers lead a healthy, successful life.  They’re all great tips, but some of them have rung especially true in the Terrablu office:

“Find out about available support”

“Find a balance”

“Make time for you”

If you’re a carer, you matter more than ever before: if you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after your loved one.  Taking a bit of time out to recharge, get some fresh air or see friends, isn’t an indulgence – it’s a necessity.  And that’s where we come in; we understand the strains you are under, and have the expertise and compassion to care for your loved for a couple of hours so you can get a much-needed break.

If you’re struggling as a carer, there’s lots of information available as part of Carers Week 2016 to help you create strategies for success.  And remember that we provide respite care for carers, so they can care for their loved ones.  

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