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26th October 2016

Why we’re happy to refold all the towels of one of our homecare clients

Working closely with our home care clients, we get to know them well, including all their likes and dislikes.  That’s why we’re happy to refold the towels of one lady that we look after.

Our excellent homecare team builds up close relationships with our elderly clients and those with dementia.  They don’t just get to know their physical needs; they also get to know their moods, the things that lift their spirits and the things that annoy them.

One of the elderly ladies that we look after likes her towels folded in a particular way.  Our home carers know exactly how she likes them folded, but unfortunately her family don’t; when our care heroes go in on a Monday morning, they know she’ll be bristling about how they left them over the weekend.  So one of the first things they do at the start of the week is to refold and smooth all the towels.

Refolding towels is not on the client’s care plan, but it’s one of the many little things that our fabulous homecarers do over and above the agreed care that make all the difference to our clients.

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