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9th March 2016

Why we try and ensure continuity of care for our clients with dementia

About half of our elderly home care patients have dementia.  The disease can take many forms, but there are common characteristics that require a slightly different approach from more general domiciliary care. 

Helping people with complex needs such as dementia of Alzheimer’s requires expert understanding of their condition to enable us to tailor care that meets their individual needs.  A large element of this is providing reassurance; for people with memory loss, familiarity and routine can play an important role in this.

That’s why we try and provide continuity of care for our clients with dementia.  It’s something we do for all the elderly people that we look after in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas, as far as possible.  But we give even higher priority on continuity of care for our clients with dementia.

Not only does it provide reassurance for our clients, it also helps our excellent home carers get to know their clients, finding out about them, their likes, their dislikes and – crucially – their past lives.  Being able to build up a rounded picture of their clients enables our carers to find the emotional triggers and comforters that can calm and reassure our clients.

Our understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s enables us to provide expert care for complex conditions; the starting point for this is continuity of care.

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