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17th August 2016

Why we dance the Hokey Cokey with one of our elderly clients

Helping elderly people and those with dementia live fulfilling independent lives is about so much more than delivering their care plan.  It’s about getting to know them as a person and making the time to meet their social and emotional desires, as well as their physical and health needs.

That’s why our team of excellent homecarers dance the Hokey Cokey with one of our elderly clients.  They sing along and do all the actions together – apart from the turning round bit; our carers do that for her, as she can’t quite manage it with her Zimmer frame.

Of course, that’s not the story told in the media of care support for the elderly.  The stories that make the headlines are all about rushed visits and half-delivered care by staff who are under pressure to get to their next appointment on time. 

So how come Terrablu carers have time to dance the Hokey Cokey?  “You just make the time,” is the unanimous response.  “You can’t just go in and do your job on auto pilot, as if that person doesn’t exist,” adds one.  “You have to put them on an even par with us to make that connection and find out what it is that makes them tick, and then you find the time to deliver it.”

For out fantastic Care Heroes, looking after our elderly clients and those with dementia is about so much more than the care plan: it’s about looking after the person.

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