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20th April 2016

Why we carry out nutrition training for our home care teams

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is good for all of us.  But as we get older, it can help protect against certain diseases, including dementia.  That’s why we provide nutrition training for all our home carers.

A balanced, nutritious diet has many health benefits for the elderly:

Poor diet has been linked to bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer and oesophageal cancer.
High cholesterol and being over-weight are key risk factors for heart disease.
Being overweight is a significant risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.
Eating a Mediterranean-style diet has been shown to reduce the risks of some types of dementia.
Many of our elderly clients and those with dementia have difficulty preparing meals; others are still comfortable cooking for themselves, but may not be confident planning a healthy, varied diet.  We offer a full range of support with meals, including meal planning, escorted shopping trips, unpacking groceries, assisting with food preparation, cooking meals and clearing away.  So it’s important that all our excellent homecarers have the skills and information they need to make sure our clients are getting tasty, healthy meals.  That’s why we organise nutrition training for our home carers in our Tunbridge Wells headquarters.

Our more recent training covered vitamins and minerals and how to add them into clients’ diets, encouraging good eating habits for clients with dementia, and the health impacts of a poor diet.   We finished the session by putting our skills into practice and preparing lunch – and even managed to get our manager to try pilchards on toast.  “We try and encourage our clients to eat fresh food, including their five fruit and veg a day, whenever possible,” said Director of Care, Julia Mead.  “The course was great in giving our carers new tips for encouraging fussy eaters to eat well.”

Nutrition training for our home carers is just one of the many little attentions to detail that go towards make a big difference for our elderly clients and those with dementia.