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17th February 2016

Why one of our carers treated our client’s dog to a fry-up

Sausages and bacon for the dog?  It may sound extravagant, but our elderly clients’ pets are extremely important to them, so our fabulous home carers are happy to extend their care to our clients’ furry and feathered friends.

Don’t get us wrong, sausages and bacon are not a daily occurrence for our clients’ pets.  But when our fantastic home carer Julia was on her rounds in Tonbridge one day, she noticed that the meat in the fridge had reached its use-by date.  There was too much for her client to eat on her own, and it seemed a pity to throw the food away, so Julia served a cooked breakfast for both the client and her beloved pooch.

“She loves that dog so much,” explains Julia, “and she was thrilled that there were enough bacon and sausages for the dog to have a cooked breakfast as well.  It probably wouldn’t be a good thing for the dog to get a fry-up every day.  But it’s OK as an occasional treat, and it’s fantastic to see both of them so happy.”

We don’t just care for our elderly clients in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas: we also care for the things that matter to them.  Because it’s the little things that make the big difference.

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