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4th November 2015

Using technology to improve the Terrablu experience for clients and staff

We’re always looking for ways to improve the service that we offer clients and to make our operations more efficient, which is why we’ve invested in a new mobile app to help us plan our home care visits more efficiently and provide greater protection of confidential client information.

Running a home care service for the elderly and those with dementia can be a bit like stacking up dominoes for our director of care, Julia Mead.  Everything can be perfectly positioned until… it only takes one member of staff to call in sick for Julia’s day to be turned upside down, texting every member of staff individually to find workable ways to plug the gaps in our care cover.  She always manages it, but life would be so much simpler if there was an easier way to respond to the unexpected.

The good news – for our clients, our staff and Julia – is that we think we’ve found it.  It’s a new mobile home care management app that we are so impressed by, we’ve invested in the app plus training for all our staff.  Here’s why we think it is so great:

The benefits

  • Fewer errors: Staff get their rotas and timesheets via the app, reducing the chance for them getting lost or misplaced.
  • Greater protection of confidential client data: Our carers’ client visits are deleted automatically at the end of the week to give greater protection of confidential client data. It’s never happened to us, but with a paper trail there is always the danger of confidential client details falling unnoticed out of a bag or a car.
  • More efficient operations: The office team get real-time notification of how workers are progressing on their rounds, meaning they can keep clients up to date if their carer has been delayed, without the carer having to take time out to call the office.
  • Quicker emergency solutions: If someone calls in sick, all carers are notified of the client visits that were due to be made by their sick colleague. They tell us which ones they can take on via the app, which instantly updates the rotas and timesheets, letting everyone else know that a particular client has been successfully allocated to another carer.  All of which will mean the office staff and carers on the road need spend far less time finding solutions for emergency cover, enabling them to spend more time deliver excellent home care.
  • Client care notifications: We can send specific updates about a particular client to the carer going to visit them, meaning staff always have the latest relevant information about a given client’s needs and ay amendments to their care plans.
  • Route finding: Working in sync with the GPS on the carer’s mobile phone, the app will help them find the best route between clients, so they spend less time on the road and more time caring.
  • Better lone worker protection: The real-time progress updates mean we know where our carers are at any given time.

We’re excited that this new technology will enable us to deliver even better home care to our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas. 

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