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14th February 2017

Tips and tricks our Care Heroes have learned along the way

Our Care Heroes here at Terra Blu are passionate about helping people to remain in their own homes and get great pleasure from making a difference in their clients’ lives. They have picked up so many tips and tricks to make life easier both for them and the people they look after – several of which we would like to share. We hope you find them useful! 

#1 Celebrate the small wins – Some of our clients have limited mobility, especially if Terra Blu has been taken on to help out for post-operative care. Noticing the little improvements like being able to lift up a cup or take a few more steps with a frame, and pointing them out to our clients can really boost moral for everyone. Or when asking a client how they are, if their response is more positive than the day before, then take this as a good sign and celebrate it as a win!

#2 Listen listen listen! - One of our clients loves to have fish and chips each Friday night. Even through she has dementia, she always knows when it’s ‘fish and chips’ day and our Care Heroes ensure they take her to get her favourite dinner each week. Listening to what our clients would like and taking action on that makes them feel confident and that their opinion is valued.

#3 Look at their surroundings - Sometimes it’s the really simple things which give our clients most pleasure. Paying close to attention their surroundings can make all the different. One of our clients loved listening to music on the radio and when our Care Hero noticed that it was constantly pumping out the news, she changed it to a station with more music and our client was delighted. Another client was finding it difficult to read his newspaper and then our Care Hero adjusted the lamp, it enabled him to read it more comfortably. It’s the small things that can make a big difference!

#4 Remember the gadgets! - Several of our clients (including a 95 year old gentleman) uses a magnifying glass to read the newspaper. Audio books can be great too and there are lots of editions available from the local library. Our Care Heroes also use white boards to communicate with our clients who find verbal communication difficult and one of our elderly clients uses a tablet to let our carers know how he is. Using things like a shoehorn and stocking aid to make it easier to put shoes and socks on can be really useful too.

#5 Ask them about their family – noticing the photos on the walls and asking our clients about the people in them can be a great way of initially breaking the ice. Making personal connections with our clients is very important to us at Terra Blu and when they feel more comfortable with us, it can really help them to relax and enjoy their regular visits from our Care Heroes.

#6 Think outside the box – With our client’s needs constantly changing, our Care Heroes like to be thrifty and think on their feet. They often need to come up with alternative ways of doing things to make our clients as comfortable as possible. One of our clients was finding it really tricky to swallow her regular breakfast of toast and eggs, so one of our Care Heroes came up with an alternative way of making it more palatable by soaking the toast in warm milk and mashing up the egg with it before heating it gently. It might not sound that appealing to us, but it made all the difference to her and she was able to enjoy breakfast again.

Another client used to love playing golf but with limited mobility, he couldn’t get out to the golf course. Our Care Hero took the golf to him and set up an indoor putting green so that he could enjoy what he loved doing most.

#7 Ensuring they are comfortable – Simple things like buying a lip-balm for one of our female ladies who had dry lips can make all the difference to our clients’ comfort. Adjusting the amount of blankets and bedding can be important too and speaking to them about any of their worries can be both cathartic and soothing. Our Care Heroes constantly strive to ensure our clients are as comfortable as possible between visits and understand how important this is both to our clients and their families.