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30th September 2015

The little things that make the big differences for our elderly home care clients

It’s the care beyond the care plans that our expert home care team provides that make all the difference to our clients. 

All our clients have bespoke care plans, agreed with them and their relatives, so we know we are providing the very best support for them – the truly excellent homecare that they deserve.  These care plans are reviewed regularly so that our care adapts with our clients’ changing needs.

But it’s the little extras – that aren’t even listed in the care plans – that make the biggest difference.  Simple little things, like replacing horrible flannels.  This was one of the initiatives that our carer Heather undertook; she noticed that many of our clients had flannels that were so caked with soap they had turned into a congealed, unhygienic mass of gel.  So Heather replaced the flannels and soap with scrunchies and shower gel.  ‘When I help my clients wash now they love getting their scrunchies all bubbly – and they all tell me they haven’t been this clean in years,’ says Heather.

But why did she do that little bit extra, and buy shower gel and scrunchies in her own time?  ‘It’s simple: you do for other people what you would do for yourself,’ she says.

It’s this attitude from our caring, motivated home carers that makes them go the extra mile every time – and notice the little things they can do to make a big difference to the quality of life of our clients.

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