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2nd November 2016

The feedback from one of our home carers that brought a tear to our eyes

At Terrablu, we have always put as much emphasis on nurturing our staff as developing tailored care for our elderly clients and those with dementia.  The following feedback from one of our Tunbridge Wells home carers told us that we’ve been getting it right:  

“Being a small company, everything is very personal.  We are all very fond of the company and happy to work for Terrablu. We get enormous support and there is always someone there for us.  It’s about the people and the individual managers, but it’s also about the philosophy of the company; because we are small, you don’t get lost.  That’s as true for the clients as for the staff; they’re not numbers, they’re real people.  I really like and appreciate that.  I am proud to work for Terrablu.”

We’re all used to being told when we’ve got it wrong.  It’s lovely to hear from our staff how they think we’ve got right – for them and our home care clients.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Terrablu home carer,

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