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10th January 2017

Talking to your loved one about introducing home care

With a fresh new year ahead of us, now is the time to start implementing the things that will make our lives and the lives of our loved ones easier and help to ensure they are safe, well cared for and have a strong support network.


It can often be the grown up children who initially realise that a parent could really benefit from home care and convincing them that this is a great option for ensuring they maintain their independence and dignity can be an important step in looking after their wellbeing.


With decreased mobility due to the ageing process, an older person may already have the physical signs of ageing but might still feel like they are not a day over 30! At Terra Blu, we absolutely embrace the feeling of being young at heart, but we also understand the need for approaching home care with sensitivity and compassion.


We will work with you and your loved one to determine the level of care needed and ensure an easy transition is made once the decision has been made to introduce home care. For some people, accepting help is the hardest part, and once they have recognised that it could be a good option, they will never look back. Here are a few tips for talking to your loved one about introducing home care:


  1. Choose the right time and place for a chat - Arrange to have a chat with your loved one ideally in a neutral place (maybe a local coffee shop?) about the prospect of taking on home care. Avoid having this discussion during times when emotions are high like the holidays, anniversaries or birthdays.


  1. Know what the options are - Make sure you know exactly what options are available for both of you. At Terra Blu, each of our care heroes has a genuine desire to enhance quality of life and we are more than happy to explain the ways in which we can do this before you discuss it with your loved one. Accepting home care could be the best way of enabling them to remain at home and hearing exactly what your loved one’s options are might make the decision to take on home care much easier.


  1. Mention how it will help you - You may well worry about your loved one’s safety and well being while you aren’t there. Ensure you mention this to them and explain that taking on home care could be as much of a relief for you as it could be for them. Terra Blu’s philosophy is built around real care, with our clients and their families at the heart of everything we do - introducing home care could also mean that the day to day things can get taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on the things that matter when you spend time together..


  1. Discuss the details - Once your parent has accepted that home care could work well for them, get them involved with choosing which days of the week and times would be most suitable for a carer to come in and help or indeed take them out. TerraBlu takes the time to understand the reality of our clients’ lives and craft our services to meet these. We are always happy to adapt and adjust what we do to suit our clients’ needs.


If you would like to discuss the advantages of home care with us before you suggest it to your loved one, please give us a call on 01892 529429.