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21st December 2016

Remembering the elderly at Christmas time

Christmas can be such a heart warming time of year and a good opportunity to meet up with loved ones and celebrate with friends. It’s also a time for giving, when it is more important than ever to ensure elderly relatives and older people in the community are included in the festivities.

At Terra Blu, we believe that it’s the little things we do which make a big difference and our care heroes are working hard to ensure our clients get involved in the festivities too - we recently took a trip to Notcutts in Pembury for a delicious Christmas Lunch and our carers have enjoyed helping to decorate some of our clients’ homes as well as taking them Christmas shopping.

It can be easy to get ‘wrapped up’ in the pre-Christmas busyness, but it’s also really important to ensure the elderly are kept involved as much as possible. Perhaps you have an elderly relative who you might not have seen for a while or you have noticed an older person living nearby who might really appreciate something as simple as a cup of tea and a chat? 

As magical as Christmas may be, it can be a lonely time of year too, so we have put together a few tips on how we can all help to make someone you know feel included this Christmas:

  1. Help them with Christmas card writing - maybe you could write the addresses on the envelopes? You could also offer to post them or if the elderly person you are helping is mobile, they could join you.

  2. Invite them around for a mince pie and some mulled wine - small gestures like inviting an elderly neighbour around can make all the difference either during the busy run up to Christmas Day or in the holidays afterwards.

  3. Go to a Carol Service with them - fun for both of you! There are plenty of carol, nativity and christingle services going on locally and they can be a lovely way to celebrate Christmas regardless of age. If you have an elderly relative who doesn’t get out much, they might really enjoy going to a Carol Service near their home.

  4. Invite them to your house for Christmas Dinner - this would really make someone’s day. It’s the one meal of the year which is truly lovely to share with others, whether they are a family member, neighbour or friend.

  5. Take them Christmas shopping – Receiving presents is great but giving presents is important too! Try to go on a day/time that might be slightly quieter if possible.

  6. Look at old photos and reminisce with them - give them a chance to remember their younger years when they would have had many of their loved ones around them. Although this can be emotional, it can be cathartic for many people too. It could also be a good way for you to familiarise yourself with the family tree if you have an older relative!

Please feel free to share this as far and wise as possible, so that even more people can help an older person to feel included this Christmas.