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18th November 2015

Our home care team: looking after our clients when they can’t look after themselves

Our home carers don’t just follow the care plans: they look out for small changes in our clients and make sure they get the appropriate attention, before they become a big issue.

Take the case of one of the women we help to live independently in her Tunbridge Wells home; when her ankle started to swell, our staff were the first to notice.  Between them, they monitored the situation and made sure it was discussed at the next staff meeting.  They all agreed that the lady’s ankle was getting worse, and the woman herself was becoming increasingly confused.  So our Director of Care, Julia Mead, made sure that doctor was called to treat the lady’s ankle and reviewed the client’s care plan with her relatives to make sure she was getting the right care as her needs developed.

As the front-line staff caring for our elderly clients and those with dementia, our excellent homecare team have a crucial role to play in making sure their changing needs are noticed and responded to.  Our regular reviews of all our clients’ care plans means they all receive the right support to help them continue to live as fulfilling lives as possible in their own homes in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas.

Noticing the little things and making sure we act to stop them becoming big things is just one of the many little ways that makes Terrablu makes a big difference to our clients.

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