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16th July 2015

More than just home care: how our home carers pick up on our elderly clients’ needs

Our home carers do more than just tick off the care plan.  They really get to know our elderly and disabled clients, so they are often the first to pick up when they are unhappy about something.

This was the case recently with one of our long-term clients.  She has dementia so has live-in carers; our staff go in once a week for two hours to give the live-in carers some respite.

When our carer Heather visited one day, she knew things weren’t right: the client was pacing the room and was clearly in distress.  She had a new live-in carer, and Heather knew that she had taken a dislike to her.  From experience, Heather also knew the client wasn’t going to change her mind about her new carer.

Heather and Julia, our Director of Care, took the decision to call the client’s son.  Although the live-in carer couldn’t be replaced immediately, the following day a new carer was arranged.  When Heather next visited, the client was a different person: “It was lovely being there.  The contrast to how she was when she had a carer she didn’t like was vast; before she was in a complete state, now she is so happy.”


Our home care services provide much more than practical assistance for our clients in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and the surrounding area.  Our home care team understand our clients’ emotional needs as well, and we liaise with family members and other agencies to make sure they are met.  


To find out more about how we can help you or your relative enjoy independent living, call 01892 529429 or request a callback.