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11th May 2016

Loneliness can increase risk of stroke and heart disease - we’re here to help

New research published by the University of York suggests that people who feel lonely are at increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.  Fortunately, our fantastic team of Care Heroes can reduce feeling of social isolation - and the associated health problems.

The research, which was published in the BMJ’s Heart Journal, reviewed data from previously published studies.  The academics, which included researchers from Newcastle University and the University of Liverpool, found that:

Loneliness and poor social relationships were associated with:

  • A 29% increased risk of developing coronary heart disease
  • A 32% increased risk of stroke

Doctoral Research Fellow Nicole Valtorta, from the University of York’s Department of Health Sciences, said: "From the perspective of public health, what our findings suggest is that efforts to prevent CHD and stroke would benefit from talking social isolation and loneliness into account."

Loneliness and social isolation is, sadly, something that many older people have in common.  But they don’t have to; one of the many advantages of care at home offered by expert agencies such asTerraBlu is the social interaction delivered by our fantastic team of Care Heroes.  Some clients simply want us to provide companionship, and we are delighted to do that.  But even when our carers have care that they need to deliver for our clients, they perform it while talking and engaging with them.  We always provide companionship, even when it isn’t the main reason for our visit.  We can also take your - or your loved one - out on social trips, or simply for an escorted visit to the cinema, theatre or your favourite restaurant.

If you feel cut off, or if you aren’t able to pop in and see mum or dad as often as you would like, our fabulous Care Heroes can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation - and that can deliver real health benefits.  As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!