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24th February 2016

How we look out for our elderly clients’ best interests at all times

Our mission is to help our elderly clients and those with dementia enjoy a fulfilling, independent life in their own homes.  Sometimes, that means we have to fight their corner for them.

That’s what we did for one of our clients who has dementia.  She had been searching online and had come across a herbal remedy that claimed to help with memory, so she ordered some – to the value of £125.  But when the tablets arrived, she couldn’t remember what they were for, and she was distraught when she found she had less money in her bank account than she was expecting.

So our Director of Care, Julia Mead, stepped in.  She tracked down the company the lady had ordered the pills from, explained that she had dementia and had not fully understood the transaction when she had placed the order.  Julia asked for – and eventually got – a full refund for our client.

“We want to support people to enable them to live as independently as possible, so that means you can’t just take everything away from them,” explains Julia.  “In the case of this client, she still did all her own shopping, so access to her bank accounts was essential.  But this does mean that occasionally she might make a purchase that she didn’t fully understand.  If a client is in this situation and doesn’t have relatives who can step in to sort it out, we will get involved if we can to try and sort out the problem and relieve their distress.”

Our fantastic home care team and our managerial staff will always do everything they can to help our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas live fulfilling, independent lives for as long as possible.

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