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3rd February 2016

How we help our elderly homecare clients to feel more positive

Not being able to do everything you used to – and having to rely on others for help – can get some of our elderly clients down from time to time.  But our excellent home carers always make sure our clients are feeling more positive by the end of their visits.

For anyone who has lived an exciting, fulfilling life, it can be difficult at times to accept that you can no longer do all the things that you used to do.  That’s sometimes the case for our elderly clients and those with dementia.

Our Tonbridge carer, Sheila, has a particular lady whom she cares for a lot who can no longer communicate as well as she used to: “I know by her body movements and the way she stands and sits the days that she’s feeling frustrated.  She can’t do everything she used to and she has difficulty having a conversation; some days when I arrive she is really down.  But by the time I leave she is always chirpy again.  Having me there, taking her out in the car, allows her to do the things that she used to do on her own.”

Knowing that they make such a positive difference to our clients’ quality of life and their outlook is hugely rewarding for our excellent home carers in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas.  It also provides huge peace of mind for our clients’ relatives – and it gives our clients something to smile about.

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