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22nd June 2016

How we help our clients with dementia understand their world

To provide effective support for someone with dementia, you need to understand the world from their perspective and then put strategies in place to help them manage their shifting landscape.  Fortunately our expert Care Heroes are adept at finding solutions to make our clients’ lives less stressful.

Living with dementia can be an alienating place to be.  As memory – and especially short-term memory – erodes, it can create confusion, which in turn often causes stress.  When we work with clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, we work with them and their families to find solutions to help ease that confusion, and so make our clients feel more secure and calm.

The solutions can be incredibly simple.  One of our elderly clients with dementia has difficulty remembering the routine of her days and would ask us several times: “What am I doing today?”  But one of our expert homecare team worked out that she feels much more comfortable with routines that are written down, so we bought her a whiteboard and put it up in her kitchen.  She is now much more confident as she can read when we are next visiting, which meals we are preparing, when she is having a shower.

We don’t just look after people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We work closely with them and their relatives to find effective strategies to enable them to live successfully in their own home. 

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