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30th March 2016

How we enter the world of our clients with dementia

Working with people with dementia often means entering their world.  That’s why our Managing Director is happy to be known as the landlord to one of our clients in Sevenoaks.

“I once mended her loo for her when I went to visit, I think that’s where it all started,” says Richard Gould.  “Ever since then, whenever I pop in she asks me if she’s doing alright, if the flat looks OK?”  But it doesn’t just stop with Richard.  “Whenever I go in for a care visit or to review her care package, she’ll ask me to tell ‘his nibs’ that she is looking after the flat well,” says our director of care, Julia Mead.

Richard could try and set our client straight; he could tell her that he is from her home care company and is coming to check that she is happy with how she is being looked after.  But he knows that would cause her confusion, which in turn would create distress.  So he plays along: “I always say: ‘The flat’s looking really nice, I think you’re doing really well.’  And she is really happy with that.”  Julia also promises to pass the message to ‘his nibs’.

Importantly, entering the world of the client provides huge reassurance for them without undermining the care provided.  Richard is still able to have a good chat with the client and assess her needs, Julia is still able to carry out a professional review of her care package and our team of excellent home carers are still able to fulfil that care package.  But by entering her world just a little bit, they all provide caring support without distress.

Meeting people in their world is just one of the ways we provide expert support for our clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s in the Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas.

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