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23rd December 2015

How we adapt our care to accommodate the needs of our elderly clients

What would you do if someone you were caring for got half way out of the shower and then simply couldn’t remember what to do next?  This happens regularly with one of our clients with dementia – but our expert home carers have found a solution. 

Dementia can manifest itself in many different ways, so the symptoms can vary widely from one person to the next.  For one of our clients, one of the manifestations of the disease is that she freezes mid action; she gets half way through doing something and then simply can’t remember what to do next.  And no amount of encouraging her, or trying to move her limbs for her, works: she is immobilised.

But our excellent homecarers have found out – through working closely with her – how to deal with it.  “Asking her to carry on what she was doing – getting out of the shower, going up the stairs, lifting her arm so I can get her dressed – doesn’t work; it just puts pressure on her and freezes her even more,” says Alison, from our Tonbridge care team.  “So I ask her to do something else.  If she has got stuck half way out of the shower, I ask her if I can dry her instead.  And distracting her unfreezes her mind and her body, and then we can finish getting her out of the shower.”

It’s our homecarers’ passion for caring, together with the close relationships that they build up with our elderly clients and those with dementia, that enable them to find solutions to even the most challenging situations to enable our clients to continue living independently in their own homes.

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