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19th August 2015

How our home carers think beyond the job description when looking after our elderly clients

Our clients’ care plans detail the formal services that we provide for them to help them continue living in their own home.  But they don’t cover the little extras that our carers do – often in their own time – to make sure our clients enjoy dignified quality of life.

One example of how our home care team go beyond their job description is the story of our client who only had two skirts and two jumpers, which she alternated.  Her carer, Gabby, felt that the lady would feel better if she had a wider wardrobe to enjoy, but she also knew that the client didn’t like spending money.  So Gabby scoured the charity shops to find new clothes that she thought the lady would like, but that wouldn’t break the bank.  She reasoned that even if the lady persisted in still wearing the same two jumpers and skirts, she wouldn’t have spent much buying pre-loved items.

Although the client had insisted she was very happy with her two skirts and two jumpers, she loved the new clothes that Gabby picked out for her, and now enjoys wearing the different items in her wardrobe.

Providing dignified quality of life for our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge areas is about so much more than their tailored care plans.  It’s about understanding their complex human needs, even when they don’t express them.  And that’s what our carers deliver.

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