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8th July 2015

How our home carers help our elderly clients find their memories

Our expert home care team provide expert home care for our elderly and disabled clients.  But it’s not always in the home; they also take them out shopping and for lunch, plus we arrange regular social outings.

One of our recent excursions was a steam train trip with a World War II theme.  But our carers didn’t just take our clients on the steam train: they took them on a trip down memory lane.  Unbeknown to our clients, our carers all dressed up as either Land Girls or evacuees, so they were transported back to wartime Blighty from the moment their carer called to pick them up.

Many of our clients suffer from memory loss.  But the combined experience of being assisted by our carers in the wartime costumes, journeying on the steam train and enjoying Lindy Hop dance performances along the way, transported them back their youth.  The memories came flooding back, and they shared stories they haven’t told us before.  For many of them it was particularly poignant, as they had been evacuated as children to Kent.

We don’t just provide home care services in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and the surrounding area.  We provide experiences and support to help our clients enjoy the best possible quality of independent life in their own homes.  And taking them on trips down memory lane is part of that. 

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