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2nd September 2015

How our home carers go the extra mile to make our elderly clients happy

What do you do if someone can no longer eat solid foods?  If you’re a Terrablu home carer, you make sure they still enjoy meals that look and taste great.

One of our clients had cancer of the tongue and mouth and can no longer eat solid foods.  When we first started caring for the lady, one of our carers, Rose, accompanied her to a charity lunch.  She was appalled when she saw the volunteers serve her a slop that looked like baby food; the charity simply whizzed up the entire meal in a food processor and dolloped it into a bowl for her.

Diana meal 1Rose determined then and there that she would never serve our client grey mush, so she started getting inventive.  As well as cooking great tasting meals for her charge, she makes sure they look great as well.  Have a look at our picture to see just how appetising they are.  She also takes the client to the supermarket so they can plan the delicious meals together.  Needless to say, our client has put on weight and is in much better health than when Rose first started caring for her.

It’s the little things that make the big difference for our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells areas; the things that aren’t even on the care plan. 

Whatever our clients’ needs, our fantastic carers will find a way not only to help them stay in their own home, but also to enjoy dignified quality of life.

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