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1st July 2015

How our home carers are there until the end for our elderly clients

We love our work providing home care services to help the elderly and those with disabilities in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas remain in their own homes.  But an inevitable part of our work is that we lose patients.

It is always sad for our team when one of our patients passes away.  Our team are all professional, but they are also human, and we are all affected personally when it happens.

Our staff always go way beyond the care plan, so it wasn’t a surprise to us that when one of our clients was nearing the end of his life, our carer Rose asked to be kept updated.   As his final hours drew near, she was on holiday; but when she got the call to say he didn’t have long left, she didn’t hesitate to stop what she was doing and dash to his bedside.  She stayed with him for five hours, and was still there in the room as he slipped away.  Why?  “It was the right things to do,” she says simply.

Even our management team, who don’t make as many home calls, become deeply involved in the lives of our clients.  Our Director of Care, Julia Mead, was on leave when another of our patients passed away.  Knowing that the end was inevitable, she asked to be kept informed, even when she was away on holiday.

We pride ourselves on being professional home care providers.  But an essential part of providing a care service is caring.  Our staff do – right up to the end.

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