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26th August 2015

How our home care team pick up the pieces for our elderly clients

What happens when one of our clients has no immediate family?  Simple: our home carers and experienced managers step in as required to make sure their needs are met and their interests looked after.

That’s what happened with one of our clients whom we looked after up to the end.  She had no immediate next of kin and the woman who was appointed to represent her legally and personally lived in Spain.  This representative did the best she could, but it was generally from a distance; even though she came over the UK as much as possible, she couldn’t be here all the time.

Fortunately, she got to know the Terrablu team and appreciated the excellent level of care that we provide for our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas.  Over time, she knew that she could trust us to look after the elderly lady in all areas of her life.

After a while, the Spanish attorney asked us if we would mind if she took a holiday; it was obvious that the lady’s final days were drawing near and the attorney understood that she would not be able to get a break again for a while.  She felt comfortable leaving us in charge as she knew we would always act in the lady’s best interests; she returned refreshed, ready to work with us to make the lady’s final days as comfortable as they could be.

The caring professionalism that our home carers and management team demonstrate day in, day out, enables our clients and their relatives and representatives to enjoy peace of mind.

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