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20th January 2016

How our excellent home care team take the time to find out about our elderly clients

It goes without saying that our elderly clients and those with dementia no longer have as active lives as they once did.  But our amazing home carers will always take the time to find out about their pasts, so they get to know the complete person.

“It can be really easy to dismiss our clients as people who just sit in their armchair all day dozing in front of the TV,” says Lyndsey, one of our Tonbridge home care team.  “But we have the privilege of being in their homes, so we take the time to talk to them and find out about their pasts – some of them have had the most amazing lives.”

“There’s one woman whose husband used to race Ferraris.  Another woman’s sister was a nun in The Sound of Music.  And another used to make cushions for Harrods.  Then there’s the lady who is very frail and has five calls a day from our carers.  It’s not that easy to understand what she is saying, but when she was a girl she used to love Gracie Fields.  If you get her to tell you about the time she went to see Gracie Fields sing, her whole face lights up.”

Our team of excellent home carers in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas are never just interested in the care plan.  They all want to know properly the person they are caring for, to understand what interests and excites them, so they can deliver truly personal care as they help our clients enjoy living independently in their own homes. 

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