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27th January 2016

Going beyond the call of duty to deliver the best home care to our elderly clients

Delivering home care services to the elderly and people with dementia inevitably means there are times when we become involved in the downs – as well as the ups – of their lives.  But our excellent home care team will never let a client down, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

It was an extremely harrowing situation that faced, Netta, one of our Tonbridge homecarers.  The wife of one of her clients had suffered mental health issues for some time, but her condition had deteriorated to the point that social services were concerned for her safety and that of her husband.  They decided the only safe course of action was to section her.

Our client was distraught by the prospect, and shared his unhappiness with Netta when she called for her routine visit.  She could see how upset he was, and didn’t think it right to leave him, especially as there was the prospect that his wife might become violent towards him.  “For some reason I had the ability to calm his wife down, so I thought my presence might help practically, as well as emotionally for the husband,” Netta explains.  So she called the office: our care director agreed that our client shouldn’t be left on his own, so arranged cover for the remainder of Netta’s scheduled home visits, to free her up to sit with our client.

Netta stayed while his wife was sectioned, but still felt that he wasn’t in an emotional state to be left on his own.  Social services agreed, but they couldn’t get anyone to him until midnight.  So Netta stayed until midnight, when someone from social services arrived to take over: “I was completely drained by the end of it, but I’d make the same decision every time.”

The dedication showed by Netta was way beyond the call of duty, but nothing less than we expect from our amazing home carers.  In times of trouble, our dedicated carers will rearrange their work commitments and their personal lives to make sure our clients get the sort of care they would give to their own parents.

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