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7th March 2017

Four Happiness Tips for the Elderly

At Terra Blu, there are several serious sides to caring for our clients - for example personal assistance, complex care for conditions such as dementia, respite care, convalescent care and palliative care.  However helping to create a happy environment and enabling them to enjoy staying in their own homes is an important part of our Care Heroes’ roles too.

We would like to think that we ‘cause happiness’ wherever we go! Ahead of International Day of Happiness on 20th March, we have put together four happiness tips which our Care Heroes recommend for helping the elderly to have something to smile about.

#1 Get moving

Although physical activity isn’t always an option for our clients, increasing activity and movement in any way can be a guaranteed mood booster. As well as improving circulation and overall health, physical activity helps the brain to release ‘feel good’ endorphins - surely a win-win situation? 

Our Care Heroes always try to encourage clients to move more where possible, no matter how small it may be. It might be a stroll around the local park, a spot of shopping or just getting up out of a chair and doing some gentle stretches. One of our clients loves to dance and our Care Heroes have been known to turn on some music and have a waltz around the room with him! 

#2 Do something simple

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures which make the most impact. Our Care Heroes have learned to listen carefully to what our clients like doing and enjoy making that happen, adding a little happiness to their day.

This might be something as simple as reading them some stories from the newspaper, accompanying them out to the local cafe for a cuppa and a slice of cake or helping them to partake in one of their favourite hobbies. One of our clients adores doing jigsaw puzzles and our Care Heroes will often sit down with her and get involved. 

#3 Get social 

Many of our clients experience different situations when it comes to contact with the outside world. Some of them still have plenty of family and friends around, some may just have family or several of our clients don’t have much of a support network near them.

That’s where our Care Heroes come into their own - they understand the importance of socialising and avoiding the pitfalls of loneliness. That’s why they always try to sit down and have a cup of tea and chat with clients and encourage them to take advantage of any social opportunities where possible.

We organise Terra Blu group days out for many of our clients including an annual Christmas shopping trip, a visit to the seaside and cream tea at a local venue. These are often uplifting experiences both for our Care Heroes and the people they look after. 

#4 Get back to nature 

Being exposed to the great outdoors, even for a very short period of time can work wonders on improving one’s mood. It can encourage the feelings of inclusion and a regular dose of Vitamin D from sunshine is proven to positively effect well-being.

If going for a walk isn’t always an option, our Care Heroes will often open a window to let the fresh-air in, lift the blinds or curtains to expose more daylight or simply sit with our clients in an outdoor area where possible. The benefits of sunlight and joining the ‘outside world’ can sometimes be underestimated but we have found that a little bit of fresh-air can go a long way!