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25th November 2015

Continuity of care: how we make sure our whole home care team know about any changes in our client’s needs

With a team of carers looking after our clients, effective communication is essential to make sure they receive the same excellent care, no matter which of our home carers is looking after them.


We try to provide as much continuity of care for our elderly clients and those with dementia as possible, and try and allocate them two or three dedicated carers so they can really get to know the clients they look after to enable them to respond as effectively as possible to their needs.


But, like everyone, our staff go on holiday and occasionally call in sick, so it’s vital for the people we support that the entire team is kept up to date with our clients’ changing needs.  So we hold regular meetings for our Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks care teams where we discuss each of our clients in turn and review their care plans and any other action that might be needed to help them continue to enjoy living independently.


Sometimes there are big issues to consider, such as advancing dementia.  Sometimes it might be a small thing, such as a fondness for a new variety of teabags.  Or one of our carers might share with their colleagues a way they have discovered to encourage a client to do something more willingly that they have previously been loathe to do.


But big or small, this pooling of ideas and expertise means all our clients enjoy the very best home care support to enable them to continue living successfully in their own homes.


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