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14th October 2015

“A home care company with a big difference: just fantastic and so caring”

Josie Singer knows what a poor home care company is like: they left her in the lurch by failing to turn up for appointments, then still charged her.  When she turned to Terrablu she was worried she might experience more of the same, but she couldn’t have been happier with the care she received from us.

“I knew I needed help at home when I fell and broke my arm, but the first company was terrible: they didn’t turn up when they said they would, and still invoiced me.  Terrablu were the next company recommended by social services, and my experience with them couldn’t have been more different.  The care is fantastic, and the staff are so caring.

When they first started helping me two years ago they used to visit three times a week to help me have a shower or a bath, but that gradually increased as my needs became more acute until they were visiting me four times a day.  They cooked my meals, did my laundry, helped me wash – they did everything I needed.

But it was the attention to detail that made all the difference: they always asked me what I wanted or needed.  The food they cooked was excellent and my carers soon learnt that I like a cup of lemon tea in the evenings – they would make it in a travel mug to keep it hot for hours.  I was never just a number and over time my regular carers became my friends.  I nominated my main carer for carer of the month once.  She was so shocked to get the award and asked me why I put her name forward.  My answer was simple: ‘You’re just so nice!’

I have been on all the excursions organised by Terrablu: to Hastings, garden centres, Teapot Island, the De La Warr Pavilion and for a cream tea at Penshurst Place.  My carers also took me out on shopping trips and to see friends – it’s fantastic to be able to get out and not be trapped in your home.  Without the support of Terrablu I wouldn’t have been able to get out.

Terrablu are always fair and professional.  They pay the staff above the minimum wage and that is important to me – I want to know that my carers are being properly rewarded.  Occasionally the carers ran late because of an emergency with another client, but they would always phone to let me know what was happening, and that was fine: you want to know that if an emergency happened to you, you would be properly looked after and not abandoned by a carer rushing to finish their round.

In the end, that’s what happened to me: I fell, fortunately while my carer was with me.  She called the office straight away to explain what had happened and to say that she was staying with me until the ambulance arrived.  At that point I knew I couldn’t cope on my own any more – I dread to think what would have happened if I had fallen when my carer wasn’t there – so I opted to move into a care home.  But I can’t speak highly enough of the care I received from Terrablu – I can recommend them to anyone.”

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