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28th November 2016

5 ways to keep warm this winter

As the cold days are drawing in, keeping warm and cosy is more important than ever. At Terra Blu, our carers always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are comfortable in their own homes - here are some of our favourite ways to keep warm this winter:

1 Layer Up 

Following the Scandinavian theory that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing,’ wearing extra layers of clothing can be a really efficient way of keeping warm. Start off with vests (ideally thermal) and layer with light loose tops made from cotton or wool. Finish off with a cosy jumper. Our carers are always happy to accompany clients on a shopping trip for some new items too.

2 Dig out the accessories

It may sound obvious but an incredible amount of heat can be lost through our heads, so make sure you have a snug hat to hand for those cold winter days. Gloves and scarves are great too. Some of our clients are fans of mittens as they can be one of the best ways of keeping hands warm, with heat from the whole hand circulating in them. 

3 Make sure the house is ‘winter ready’

Thick curtains with thermal linings are a wonderful way of preventing heat loss through the windows and using a chimney balloon (or even an old pillow) in disused fireplaces is useful for keeping the cold out too. Keep the curtains open during the day to let sunlight and warmth in but ensure they are closed at dusk. Covering up keyholes in outer doors and using insulating tape around front doors can be an effective way of keeping the house warm too. 

4 Hurrah for heating devices

There are several heating devices which can make all the difference during those really chilly times - a good old hot water bottle can do the trick and there are lots of different types of electric blankets on offer these days - just ensure they are never used at the same time. Some of our clients also like to use microwave ‘hotties’ as they are very safe and can be reheated quickly. Knowing how to use the thermostat or having a timer set up is essential too.

5 Winter warming food 

Winter warming meals including soup, stews and hearty casseroles are not only healthy but a guaranteed way to feel cosy and warm during the cold spells. Cooking these meals will warm the house too and after the oven has been turned off, leave its door open to allow the heat to circulate throughout the house. Terra Blu carers love to help with meal planning and preparation and have some super winter recipes too.