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16th November 2016

5 Ways Home Care Improves Quality of Life for the Elderly

Making the decision to seek support for yourself or a loved one need not be difficult. There are many ways Home Care can improve the quality of life for you or someone close to you. Don’t shy away from the conversation, here are 5 ways Home Care can positively impact the life of someone you love:

  1. Familiar Surroundings – One of the biggest benefits of Home Care is being able to stay in a familiar environment. Continuing to live in your own home, with your own furniture, treasured possessions and neighbours helps to retain a level of independence and comfort.
  1. Delegation – Whilst there are some things you may not be able to do anymore, there are plenty you can! Talking to your carers to help them understand what you need help with and what you can do yourself can boost your confidence and regain your independence. If things change for you, we can amend our service to make sure everything gets taken care of.
  1. Companionship – Having someone visit regularly can help have a positive impact on your mood. Being on your own in a house that you have loved can sometimes feel lonely after a partner has passed, a regular visit from a carer can keep you in touch with whats going on outside and brighten your day!

  2. Taking back Family Time – Caring or being cared for by a family member can put even the strongest family bond to the test and make you feel you are imposing on busy lives. Being able to rely on a professional carer to help around at home ensures that any family time is quality time together.

  3. Safety – It is widely recognised that Home Care reduces the risk of a hospital admission and with it the risk of picking up infections. Our experienced carers are also likely to help make sure your home is safe, without changing the things you love.