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10th November 2016

5 signs your parent could benefit from home care

As our parents get older, it is inevitable that they will need increased support in one way or another. Here are five signs to signal that it could be time to think about additional home care:


1 Memory loss

Have there been missed appointment or unpaid bills? Perhaps your parent is repeating themselves more than usual. Are they on medication and have they been taking it at the recommended times? A certain amount of memory loss  is expected as part of the ageing process, though a visit to the doctor might be useful to identify any other related issues. 

2 Loneliness

Your parent may have recently lost a significant other or they might not feel as confident as they used to in social situations - this could be related to the difficulties in actually getting out and about unaided or the challenges family members face when not being able to visit their parent as often as they would like.

3 Mobility

 As we get older, mobility will naturally be reduced. Your parent may have trouble with simple things such as getting up and sitting down, they may have had a fall or they might have had an incident on the road and no longer feel confident to drive. Regular day to day tasks such as cooking and light housework can become more difficult and a once clean and clutter-free house may now be untidy.

4 Personal hygiene

Your parent may be aware about a decrease in their own personal hygiene but simply find it too tricky to maintain the level which they previously had - perhaps they have stopped combing their hair, brushing their teeth or having regular baths/showers? It may be because it is more difficult to access the bathroom or in some cases, they may be afraid of slipping over getting in and out of the bath or shower.

5 Long term illness 

Your parent may have been diagnosed with a long term illness which needs careful monitoring, regular check ups and a schedule of medication to take on time. Family members may live too far away or have commitments which mean they can’t assist their loved one in managing their illness as much as they would like…

How can we help?

All of these signs are more than manageable and Terra Blu promises to go the extra mile to provide a support network which ensures clients enjoy living in their own home for as long as possible.  

Whether it is coming up with a meal plan and cooking nutritious meals for or with your parent or popping in regularly to see them, taking them to appointments and social engagements, our carers will work with you and your family to ensure your parent is able to live life to the standard that they deserve.


If you think your parent may need additional support, please get in touch to discuss bespoke care packages tailored to your and their needs by calling 01892 529429 (Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm) or emailing info@terrablu.co.uk.