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21st July 2017

30th July is World Friendship Day!

‘Friendship Day’ is a festival that has been celebrated in South American countries for many years, and today it has been adopted by countries across the World – with the first International Friendship Day proposed by Paraguay in 1958.

As human beings, we crave meaningful relationships that shape our day to day lives – whether these are romantic, professional or indeed friendships. For many of us, it is inconceivable to go from one day to the next without speaking with friends on the phone, meeting somebody for coffee, chatting to an acquaintance or having a text message exchange with somebody we hold close.

Whilst we can reflect on the relationships we foster in our own lives, it’s important to remember the challenges that others might be facing. Studies have shown that almost a quarter of those over 75 who live alone go for whole days without any human contact, either face to face or over the phone, and this social isolation can have a huge impact on mental and physical health.

At Terrablu we focus not only on providing the practical side of care in the home, but also provide a support network that makes a real difference. We are proud of our staff, who are chosen for their genuine desire to have a positive impact on a client’s quality of life, whilst also helping to ease the strain on their relatives and allowing time spent together to be stress-free and full of joy.

And of course, it works both ways – so many of our carers comment regularly on the pleasure they get from engaging with their clients, whether it is hearing stories from their past or enjoying looking at photos of their grandchildren. After all, there is nothing better than having a laugh with someone you care about over a nice cup of tea.