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10th August 2016

100 not out and making us smile every day

Helping our elderly clients to live fulfilling lives in their own homes is both challenging and rewarding.  But it often brings us benefits that would be hard to pin down and put in the job description for our exceptional home carers.

Take one of our clients, who celebrated his 101st birthday last month [JULY].  He made it beyond his 100th birthday before he had any support at all, and even then he was reluctant to accept care.  He still cooks his own meals, washes himself and, in the warmer weather, ventures out in his buggy to greet his neighbours. 

When our Care Heroes first started visiting him, he would only agree to let them help with some of his shopping and basic cleaning.  “His bedroom is his private area and at first he wouldn’t let me in there, but now that he has got to know me he will let me in to vacuum and is gradually accepting more help,” says Gabby. 

So much so, that when Gabby arrives for her calls now, he cries: “Ah, here comes Gabby – and here comes my smile!”  “But it’s him who makes me smile,” says Gabby.  “He is so laid back and relaxed and such fun to be with.  Visiting him lifts my day.”

We love bringing a smile to the faces of our elderly clients in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas.  The great thing is, they bring a smile to ours as well.

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